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Gas Line Pressure Testing

Atmos Energy of Mississippi requires that you get the gas system pressure tested if the service has been off more than twelve months. We can pull the permit, pressure test the system and help get your service back on as quickly as possible.

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When is a gas test inspection required?

1. Whenever a new system is installed (New Construction).

2. When leaks are found in an existing system.

3. When a gas system has been turned off for more than 12 months.

4. When alterations are made to an existing gas piping system.  

Plumbing Services

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New Water Heater Installations

We offer Rheem Tank or Tankless Water Heaters (Electric or Gas).

Plumbing Repairs

 We offer a plumbing service that will fix that dripping faucet, running toilet, leaks under the sink, leaks in the walls, etc...